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T-Congress opposes cabinet’s decision to shift Secretariat

Hyderabad, Jan 31 (INN): The Telangana Congress Legislature Party has out rightly rejected the decision of Telangana Cabinet to shift State Secretariat to Erragadda.

Addressing a joint press conference in Assembly premises here on Saturday, Deputy CLP leaders Mohammed Ali Shabbir and Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka described the move as an attempt to execute the plans of land mafia to take control of prime properties in the State capital. Shabbir Ali accused Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao of trying to empty the State’s exchequer to implement a hidden agenda. He said there was a larger conspiracy behind shifting of Secretariat and other HOD offices. “State exchequer and Secretariat are not KCR’s personal Jagir. He must take everyone into confidence before implementing the decision,” he said.

Shabbir Ali ridiculed KCR’s contention that the Vaasthu of present Secretariat was not proper. As many as 16 Chief Ministers operated from the same Secretariat and a few of them like Kasu Brahmananda Reddy, Chandrababu Naidu and YS Rajasekhara Reddy served for longer periods. None of them complained about its Vaasthu. Instead of making some required changes in his office, KCR wants to shift the entire Secretariat. When pointed out that KCR is also unhappy with the Vaasthu of his camp office, he said instead of changing so many buildings, it would be better to replace the Chief Minister himself. He also asked KCR to explain what he proposes to do with the present Secretariat and other HOD buildings after shifting them to new premises.

The Congress leader asked whether an administration could be run only from 5-Star offices. “Have you, me and other leaders not studied in government schools and came up in our lives and careers?” he asked. He made it clear that the Congress party would never allow shifting of the Secretariat or the Chest Hospital from Erragadda at any cost.

Reacting on the decisions taken by the State Cabinet during its meeting held on Friday, Shabbir Ali said KCR has recalled the promises that he made with God of sending gold ornaments to TTD or a ‘chader’ to Ajmer Dargah almost eight months after coming to power. He said when KCR could forget the promises that he made with God for fulfillment of his wishes, one can imagine what he would do with the promises that he made with the people. He asked KCR to state when he plans to fulfill the promise of waiving of crop loans, KG to PG free education, 12% reservation to STs and Muslims, etc., He said there are over 100 promises made by KCR which remained unfulfilled.

The Congress leader welcomed the cabinet’s decision to drop the FAST (Financial Assistance for Students of Telangana) and continue with fee reimbursement scheme. Stating that the Congress party’s stand has been vindicated, he said KCR is slowly adopting all the schemes that were launched by the previous Congress Government. He demanded that the Aasra pension scheme too should be revived.

Strongly opposing the move, Bhatti Vikramarka alleged that KCR was treating “Telangana State” as his “personal estate”. There is no space for superstitions in a democracy. People have voted for the TRS expecting it to bring jobs, welfare and development. Therefore, KCR has no right to waste public money for superstitious reasons. He alleged that KCR is being haunted with the memories of how he, along with Chandrababu Naidu, dethroned NTR in the same Secretariat. KCR is probably visualising that he would meet the same fate if he functions from the present Secretariat. That’s the reasons why he wants to shift everything, he alleged.

The Congress leaders announced that they would launch massive agitation against the wrong decisions taken by the State Cabinet.


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