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Consul General of Republic of Korea visits Sri City

Chittoor, May 21 : A delegation led by Kyungsoo Kim, Consul General of Republic of Korea in Chennai, visited Sri City here on Wednesday.

The intent of the visit was to gain firsthand knowledge of the activities at the industrial cluster. On their arrival, Kyungsoo Kim and his team were given a warm reception. In an interactive briefing session, Kyungsoo Kim evinced keen interest in knowing more about the infrastructure and the progress achieved. The delegation went around some of the units and witnessed the activity.

Speaking on the occasion, Kyungsoo Kim said, “I admire the people who dreamed of the grand vision and made it a reality. I foresee the Sri City full of building and biz , people working and living happy lives here.”

Commenting on the visit, Ravindra Sannareddy, Managing Director, Sri City, said, “Since inception, Sri City has been generating great interest amongst the international business community, which is evident by the presence of over 100 companies from 25 countries across the globe, from the US to Japan.”

“We pride ourselves in providing world-class infrastructure and ensuring hassle-free operations to all our clients. I am confident that soon companies of Korean Republic will be flying their flags here,” he appended.  INN